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Deeply committed to the next generation of artists, Jaren is the newly appointed Assistant Professor of Oboe at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Her approach to teaching is directly influenced by her pedagogical lineage, having had the privilege to study with teachers whose primary purpose is the love of music.


“It is my mission to give to others what has so generously been given to me. My personal journey and experiences give me a unique perspective in guiding young players searching for their voice as they pursue a multitude of paths within our field. I love the students, I love being creative, I love collaboration, and I love teaching.”
- Jaren Atherholt

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“Cultivating lifelong relationships with my students and building a community that surrounds and supports them throughout their creative pursuits is incredibly important to me.”
- Jaren Atherholt


Philosophy of Teaching

Personally responsive pedagogy is at the heart of my philosophy of teaching; therefore, as an educator I cultivate a space where students can develop a sense of pride, value their voice, and see themselves thriving and creating in the classical music industry. I nurture them as they develop this lens to inform who they want to be as artists and change agents in the world.


“Do your practice and all is coming.”  -Bhagavad Gita

Consistent hard work is fundamental to this philosophy. The development of a daily practice that is effective, efficient, healthy, sustainable, and most importantly, nurtures curiosity and a love of music and the oboe is what ultimately inspires artistic confidence, pride and joy in the craft. My mission is to foster purpose, passion, creativity, individuality and confidence in students, helping them find their voice through the discovery and cultivation of their musical path. Practice makes purpose, and I create a learning process for my students that enables growth and self-discovery through observation, sustained daily practice, and in-the-field experience—bringing our work in the studio, quite literally, to life.


Tennessee All State Etudes

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